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April 12th - 14th, 2019


Nature Reconnection is hosting a three day “camp out” at Rusted Mountain Ranch in Leona Valley, California. Join us for non stop workshops, lessons, live music, and group activities. This event is an open invitation to all who wish to reconnect with nature on a deeper level!

We will have primitive skills and bushcraft instructors from all over the Western United States here teaching courses and workshops. We also will have an array of health and wellness workshops led by various instructors from Southern California. We are committed to creating space for the community to gather and share knowledge.

The Rusted Mountain ranch is 20+ acres backed into otherwise unreachable parts of pristine National Forest. We will explore nature, learn about the plants and wildlife, and give back by healing the land. Temperatures can range from the 80s in the day to the 40s at night. Be prepared for extreme heat and cold. There are plenty of open spaces as well as ample areas shaded by trees and native vegetation.

We will be limiting the amount of tickets sold to increase retention and personal connections. So this event is first come, first serve. Tickets are available now! Please do not wait if nature has been calling you!

Primitive Living Skills

Healing Workshops

How it works…
Starting bright and early April 20th participants will have full access to a multitude of engaging workshops laid out in a fun engaging itinerary. Community dinner, and fire will be shared with live music going into the night. Prepare for a full night under the stars! Sunday morning will yet again offer a multitude of classes, workshops, and hikes into the pristine National Forest. There will be no drinking water supplies, so please bring enough to last you as well as extra to share. 

  • Bring a tent, camper, motorhome, or whatever is necessary for your campsite on April 20th. Primitive, or old-fashion campers are also welcomed.

  • Bring food and water. (Community snacks will be provided)

  • Bring a friendly positive attitude and expect to have a good time.

Whats Happening…

  • Primitive Skills Workshops from various instructors

  • Group Yoga (Sun-Rise & Sunset)

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Hiking and Exploring

  • Community Fire

  • Sound Baths and Reiki

  • Live Music

  • Vendors and More


Rusted Mountain Ranch - Leona Valley, California (address given after registration)