December 2018

This workshop will be taught by survival instructors Kiowa Sage, Kody Sherwood and Chad Keel from the Discovery Channel. In this amazing workshop you will step into the wild and learn amazing skills like primitive friction fire, trapping, tool making, and so much more . You will explore Northern Pakistan and discover all of her possibilities. You will trek and make camp in some of the most beautiful places on planet earth. During your amazing adventure you will learn everything you need to know about survival and primitive living in Pakistan. These workshops are essential for anyone who spends time in the wilderness, or anyone at risk of natural disasters.

Brief overview of our December 2018 workshops:

Shelter building - (Instructors Kiowa Sage, Chad Keel and Kody Sherwood)

In wilderness survival or in the case of a natural disaster it will be crucial that you build a shelter to survival hash climates or conditions. Understanding how to create effective survival shelters is one of the most important skills you will learn. From keeping you protected from the elements to providing a place to rest, survival shelters serve a key role in survival situations. We will discuss many types of shelters depending on factors that include ‘what materials are available, environmental conditions, choice of heat source, and whether it will be a personal or group shelter’. We will team build a shelter with the class to demonstrate effective shelter building techniques and philosophy in action.

Primitive trapping - (Instructors Kiowa Sage, Chad Keel and Kody Sherwood)

Post disaster or in a survival situation, traps can capture animals that provide you precious calories from meat and fat. Traps can work for you while you are off accomplishing other tasks, if they are set correctly. You will be taught how to build various traps to target small to large game animals. All of these traps will be built primitively using resources that lend themselves to us while in the field. Understanding how to build primitive traps will allow you to provide for yourself and others if you are cut off from civilized food sources.


Primitive tool making - (Instructors Kiowa Sage, Chad Keel and Kody Sherwood)

This class will discuss primitive tool making such as stone axes, primitive footwear, burn bowls, primitive water filtration units, and bow and arrow making. Surviving weeks or even months without the bare essentials can make surviving additionally hard. Learning how to make something as simple as shoes in the wilderness can make even the simplest tasks more tolerable in a survival situation. Creating tools from the wilderness will allow you to “thrive in the wilderness rather than attempting to survive in the wilderness”. Many primitive tools will be built from the local wilderness area we will be teaching from. This class will open your mind to the unlimited opportunities nature lends us in times of need.


Friction Fire Survival Workshop - (Instructors Kiowa Sage, Chad Keel and Kody Sherwood)

This class will teach you true self-reliance; the ability to make fire anywhere, and anytime with no tools. You will be taught two methods, the Hand Drill and the Bow Drill. The Hand Drill method is the most primitive and thus requires tremendous focus and energy. You spin a wooden stick against a wood board with your bare hands and make a small ember which is then blown into a flame. This method has had one of the widest distributions on earth, and is now nearly a forgotten skill due to inventions like the match, or lighter. The hand drill method is a thing of beauty and art. Second you will learn about the Bow Drill method. Historically Bow drills were used between the 4th and 5th millennium BC. Similar drills were found in other parts of the Indus Valley Civilization and Iran one millennium later. This method is a lot easier to master, and can also be used to bore holes into wood or stone. After learning and practicing both of these methods you will have the ability to create fire in any circumstance that may present itself.

Water filtering and purification methods - (Instructors Kiowa Sage, Chad Keel and Kody Sherwood)

After a natural disaster people may be caught for weeks or months without pure drinkable water. Even in a wilderness survival situation it is important to purify water to protect yourself from bacteria and viruses that may be in the water. This class will discuss and demonstrate everything you need to know about water purification, and filtering. You will be taught how to purify water without a container in the field, and how to filter it so that it is clear and safe to drink. Various methods will be discussed and demonstrated starting with the most primitive, and ending with modern techniques you can use in a post disaster situation. After this class you will leave with the essential knowledge you need to maintain pure hydration for yourself and others in any situation.


Eco - Tourism

Our tourism efforts in Pakistan are 110% environmental friendly and sustainable. We strive to preserve Pakistan’s wilderness areas by teaching participants how to respect nature and live within it in balance and harmony. Our participants pick up trash and leave each place we visit better than how we found it. While most tourism can destroy an area and leave it littered with trash, and human destruction we aim to leave each wilderness area with zero trace of our presence. Specifically, our ecotourism efforts possesses the following characteristics:

  • Conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior
  • Sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local cultures and biodiversity
  • Support for local conservation efforts
  • Sustainable benefits to local communities
  • Local participation in decision-making
  • Educational components for both the traveler and local communities

With eco-tourism efforts like ours we can ensure Pakistan’s natural beauty will be preserved for future generations.

Who We Are

We are the Pakistan Primitive Survival Workshop conceived in 2018 and quickly grew into a major international success. Now our humble company is made up of team members, collaborators, sponsors, and international survival instructors. Our goal is the reconnect people to nature by teaching them primitive skills for survival and living. We are the first to introduce primitive survival skills in Pakistan and take great pride sharing this knowledge. PPSW was conceived in 2017 and hosted it’s first major event in March of 2018. The head instructor is Chad Keel who has survived and taught survival in some of the most rural and inhospitable places on planet earth. Our team members are Pakistani geologists who have an intimate relationship and understanding of Pakistan’s unique terrain and geological features. All sponsors involved with PPSW share our commitment to eco-tourism, and play an active role in nature education and overall adventure in Pakistan.



Giving Back

We take the time to visit local schools and share vital knowledge for surviving natural disasters, and how they can be prepared. We visit Police academies and give them lectures and workshops on survival and natural disasters. All this we do for Pakistan and it’s beautiful people because we love giving back to this wonderful country. We hope to continue to grow and develop new life changing tours and workshops all over Pakistan. We appreciate all of the support you give us, and thank you from the bottom of our open hearts.