Pakistan Primitive Survival Workshops

We are the first to bring primitive survival to Pakistan, and the first to bring a more sustainable approach to eco tourism. Primitive living skills, survival techniques, trekking, adventure and nature reconnection are all part of our amazing curriculum. Each instructor sent to Pakistan has a unique set of skills, and knowledge to share with their students.  Pakistan has one of the most amazing wilderness areas that have remained untouched throughout the years.  All sponsors involved with PPSW share our commitment to eco-tourism, and play an active role in nature education and overall adventure in Pakistan.

Our Next Workshop

July 2019 

This workshop will be taught by Chad Keel, and Kody Sherwood in Gilgit-Baltistan. Get ready for a real adventure.

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Who We Are

We are the Pakistan Primitive Survival Workshop which started as an idea and quickly grew into a major international success. Now our humble company is made up of team members, collaborators, sponsors, and international survival instructors. Our goal is the reconnect people to nature by teaching them primitive skills for survival and living. We are the first to introduce primitive survival skills in Pakistan and take great pride sharing this knowledge. PPSW was conceived in 2017 and hosted it’s first major event in March of 2018. Our instructors are world class experts from the United States. Our team members are Pakistani geologists who have an intimate relationship with nature and a understanding of Pakistan’s unique terrain, and geological features. All sponsors involved with PPSW share our commitment to eco-tourism, and play an active role in nature education and overall adventure in Pakistan.

Pakistan Primitive Survival Workshop

These workshops are taught by world class instructors who are from America. Pakistan offers a blend of landscapes varying from plains to deserts, forests, hills, and plateaus ranging from the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea in the south to the mountains of the Karakoram range in the north. These workshops are essential for anyone who spends time in the wilderness, or anyone at risk of natural disasters. Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Pakistan is prone to disasters like earthquakes, flooding, landslides and forest fires. They all can have a major disruptive affect on our lives. Being prepared for these events can help you and your family ride out the situation and thrive in unfortunate circumstances. Our ancient ancestors knew how to survive off the land with just their bare hands, this workshop will reconnect you with those skills.

What is Primitive Survival 

“A primitive survivalist can thrive in nature with no tools, and no gear!” We are the first to bring primitive survival to Pakistan, but what is primitive survival? The word origin of ‘Primitive’ comes from prime – meaning first. The foundation of man’s ‘first skills’ are the basis of our curriculum. Primitive survival skills are pre-historical living skills our ancient ancestors used to survive off the land and make life more comfortable. Primitive survival instructors preserve these skills and master them so that they can be passed down to future generations. Traditionally these skills were passed down from an elder in a tribe at the correct time in the persons development. Today people have become connected to technology and have little time for nature. Even when they venture out into the wilderness they bring their gear, cellphones, knives, lighters, tents, and other modern inventions. A primitive survivalist could walk out into nature with nothing and have the ability to create fire, build shelter, hunt/collect food, purify water, and create tools. That is the idea behind primitive survival, to have the ability to survive in nature with no modern gear, or inventions.

Eco - Tourism

Our tourism efforts in Pakistan are 110% environmental friendly and sustainable. We strive to preserve Pakistan’s wilderness areas by teaching participants how to respect nature and live within it in balance and harmony. Our participants pick up trash and leave each place we visit better than how we found it. While most tourism can destroy an area and leave it littered with trash, and human destruction we aim to leave each wilderness area with zero trace of our presence. Specifically, our ecotourism efforts possesses the following characteristics:

  • Conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior

  • Sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local cultures and biodiversity

  • Support for local conservation efforts

  • Sustainable benefits to local communities

  • Local participation in decision-making

  • Educational components for both the traveler and local communities

With eco-tourism efforts like ours we can ensure Pakistan’s natural beauty will be preserved for future generations.

Giving Back

We take the time to visit local schools and share vital knowledge for surviving natural disasters, and how they can be prepared. We visit Police academies and give them lectures and workshops on survival and natural disasters. All this we do for Pakistan and it’s beautiful people because we love giving back to this wonderful country. We hope to continue to grow and develop new life changing tours and workshops all over Pakistan. We appreciate all of the support you give us, and thank you from the bottom of our open hearts.