How to master the art of friction Fire


The Ultimate Field Guide written by Chad Keel

Fire played a major role in the advancement of the human race. This book will teach you how to master the art of friction fire. Friction fire is the pre-historic way of making fire through friction. This book is a straight forward field guide for anyone interested in learning, and practicing. Take this book into the wilderness with you for a priceless learning experience. Reconnect with nature and our primitive ancestors who mastered this art form thousands of years ago. 
This book breaks down what to look for, and how to make each part of a friction fire kit.

Two methods are shared within this book: Hand drill, and Bow drill. Arguably the two most used, practiced, and reliable methods on planet earth for primitive survival. Master the hand drill and the bow drill methods easily with straight forward learning. Not only are two methods of creating friction fire outlined but preparation, breathing and other important knowledge left out of most books. Various postures, and other options are discussed to help the practitioner find techniques that work for them. The author, Chad Keel has had the opportunity to travel the world and learn from top instructors. Being an international survival instructor himself he has also practiced and taught friction fire around the globe. Combining all this knowledge with dedication and unwavering practice he formed the outline for this field guide.  

“I wrote this field guide exactly how I teach my workshops on friction fire. I have spoken all this information for so long in different workshops around the world, and I knew one day I would make it into a field guide. I really wanted to create something you could take out into the field with you and figure everything out on your own. Youtube videos are great, I have made plenty of videos also, but nothing beats a good field guide. Plus sometimes you are far from cell service in the wilderness and want to practice without Youtube and outside distractions. Ultimately learning the art of friction fire is reconnecting with nature, and thats why I wrote this book. I hope that by learning these skills you develop a deeper respect for nature, and a deeper understanding of yourself as a human.
— Chad Keel
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