Primitive Living Skills

These classes pertain to the skills our ancient ancestors used for day to day survival. How to make fire, shelter, tools, weapons, purify water, and identify plants were all common skills of our ancient self-sufficient relatives and our classes will reconnect you with these skills.

Nature Reconnection Gatherings

These are two day events we host at Rusted Mountain Ranch. They include multiple instructors and cover various topics of interest. Each event is based around learning, healing, community and nature. Browse our events below and register to join us!

Workforce 2 day Campout Events

These events are centered around working with the land while learning new skills. They are two day campouts, meaning we work on a given project Saturday, eat food, camp in Tipi’s, play music, wake up, eat good food and work again on Sunday. It’s a lot of fun and everything is based around team work and community. Explore the events below and come help us out!