About Us

Hello, we are Nature Reconnection, a group of people who have dedicated their life to outdoor education. Our core focus is hosting community events where skilled instructors share their knowledge in a tribe setting. We also host large community projects where people come together to complete tasks, learn new handy skills, and form a deeper connection with the land. Our mission is to improve mental and physical wellbeing through reconnecting with the natural world and the environment we live in. You might also find that Nature reconnection benefits your wellbeing by providing a therapeutic space to learn new skills, develop new interests and make new friends.

Nature Reconnection officially started in 2014, in South Orange County, California under the old oak growth of the Santa Ana Mountains. We led nature hikes and taught participants about the native plants and animals along the trails. Some basic wilderness skills were also demonstrated. As our classes grew in popularity so did our demand for vaster, more pristine wilderness spaces to teach our classes and workshops. In 2016 Nature Reconnection moved a majority of it’s classes to Wrightwood, California due to it’s optimal positioning within a national forest. Throughout 2016-2018 our head instructors were featured on various TV Networks like Discovery Channel, Oxygen Network, and more, and also had the opportunity to travel to various countries around the world.

Towards the end of 2018 Nature Reconnection moved it’s home base to Rusted Mountain Ranch in Leona Valley, California. Here we host scheduled classes, workshops, gatherings, and retreats every month. Nature Reconnection has had a rapid growth from 2014- 2018 and now we are broadening our knowledge base and curriculum by adding new instructors and classes. Up to this point Nature Reconnection’s core focus was primitive living skills but there are millions of ways one can reconnect with nature and mother earth. With the integration of Rusted Mountain Ranch we can begin to add classes on agriculture, geology, and other earth science’s in fun, hands-on ways. This way we can cater to a broader audience base and help more people reconnect with nature. 2019 is going to be a very exciting year, we will see you in nature!